G-Town’s Best Buys

By Candice Brissenden & Carmen Siegelaar

Pic: Anthea van Heerden & Jessica Kriedemann

With Grahamstown being the fashion capital of, well… nowhere, it can sometimes prove rather difficult to find something decent to wear at a reasonable price. If you are looking for versatile clothes that you can throw on for a lecture or dress up for a night out, we have done all the hard work for you. It may seem that there are limited sources of inspiration in Grahamstown, but if you scratch beneath the surface you may find some hidden gems.

The hottest attraction in town at the moment is certainly the newly-opened Jay Jays. This store is more for statement pieces with a punk-rock twist. There are jeans for guys and girls for under R250 and statement t-shirts for around R100. Jay Jays is all about variety and they stock anything you could wish for from scarves and skirts to skinnies.

You might not think the more commercial stores such as Legit and Mr Price would have much to offer, but they are stocking some must-haves for the season. At Mr Price, you’ll find printed ladies t-shirts for just R29, perfect for everyday lectures. A little further down High Street, Legit has a little bit of everything at really affordable prices and you can even pick up a pair of “Ugg” boots for winter at a cool R99.

If you have your casual clothes sorted, pop into Cheeky on High street to find that something special. This shop is definitely more for the ladies, but if guys are looking for gifts then this is the place to go. Cheeky is updating its image from casual to cocktail and they do not stock more than a couple of the same items, so it is unlikely you will arrive at a party in the same dress as someone else. Cheeky stocks dresses and evening shoes for under R200. They also have imported Indian leather and Egyptian handbags for around R350 and R189 respectively. One of the best buys at Cheeky are their sunglasses which are both stylish and affordable. Cheeky is constantly receiving new stock so keep checking in to see the latest trends.

For some more alternative shopping, try Nearly New, which is the second hand clothing shop on Hill Street. If you have a hard look, there are some classic pieces to be found. At the moment they have a beautiful vintage leather satchel bag for R50 and Hip Hop evening gowns for under R400.

Grahamstown, believe it or not, does have some fashion potential – you just have to go looking for it.


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