Last Night a DJ Saved My Life

By Tafadzwa Mlambo

Talent has yet again burst onto the Grahamstown club scene, this time in the form of DJ Kato. Kato is an up and coming DJ on the local stage, as well as one of the resident DJs at Equilibrium. He is relatively new to the Grahamstown scene, as he only started playing at Equilibrium during the first term of 2008, but he’s already causing a storm in clubs in Cape Town and Namibia. Locals can catch him every Wednesday, alongside DJ T-Nash, and on his dancehall/hip hop nights, sure to notice the dance floor packed to capacity every time.

Kato was born Louis Kato Kiggundu and has been living in Namibia for 20 years, but is originally from Uganda. He is currently in his third year studying a BCom. He has been mixing music for about a year and a half now and refers to DJ T-Nash, friend and former res mate, as the man who taught him the tricks of the trade.
When asked about who inspired him, Kato said, “I just like good music, but I grew up listening to mostly hip hop and RnB.” Understandably, the artists he admires most range from Boyz II Men to the likes of Tupac, Nas, B.I.G and R. Kelly. Local DJs that have inspired Kato thus far include DJ Cleo and Channel O’s DJ Waxxy, dubbed Africa’s leading hip-hop DJ. He feels that Grahamstown has DJs of a very high standard and says, “Personally, I think we are some of the best.”

Kato says that the best aspect of being a DJ is the fame that comes with the title. He adds, “The money isn’t bad either. The best thing is you basically get paid to go out and have fun.” On the other hand, he says that DJing is quite time consuming, which can have a big impact on one’s academics, but he hopes to strike the balance this year. Regulars to Equilibrium will know that Kato is at his best when dropping those hot hip hop tracks we all know and love, although he does mix house tracks from time to time as well.

Kato is still well grounded and says that his goals, dreams and aspirations all focus on getting his degree in chartered accountancy in the near future. His message to aspiring DJs out there is, ”Hard work and practice makes perfect.” Grahamstown’s club scene is a better place now that DJ Kato is here, and he is bound to become a household name in South Africa.


One Response to Last Night a DJ Saved My Life

  1. Remy says:

    The boy has some mad talent man. I have never in my life heard someone make new music while dj-ing. RESPECT!

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