Letter from the Rhodes Young Communist League

The Young Communist League welcomes and commends the decision taken by the Sports Council to allow students that are on financial aid the benefit of joining up to two sports clubs for free. We are of the view that this is indeed a revolutionary step which has been long overdue.

As representatives of the working class youth, we believe that no student should be denied the right to participate in a sporting activity by the mere fact that he or she is unable to pay. We believe that our future Brian Habanas and Makhaya Ntinis are in this University, but we will never get to see them if they are not given the chance to prove themselves.

We live in a capitalist society, but Rhodes seems to practise the advanced form of this capitalism. Everything has to be paid for in this institution to the extent that it is hard to believe that the coffee in the Oppidan Common room is free, but when you look further into the issue you will realise that the Oppidan Committee debits money from your account so to pay for that coffee.

Due to this environment, it becomes very difficult to have anything free in this institution and that is why we commend the brave humanitarian act of the Sports Council to give the working class its right to sporting activity as enshrined in our constitution. We also commend the Financial Aid office and the Sports Clubs and we wish they would speed up the process.

We will urge all working class students to join sports clubs of their choice. This will be part of our campaign to really turn the University into a place where leaders learn, not a place where students learn how to drink. We will encourage full participation in extramural activities so that we can crush and destroy the drinking culture that is haunting our beautiful University.

Issued by the Young Communist League, Rhodes University Branch.

For more information Contact Luzuko Buku on 0786172286.


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