No Line on the Horizon

By Maya Sapieka & Lauren Timmer

There is no doubt that U2 are rock legends, regardless of whether you like their music or not. But their newly released album, No Line on the Horizon, seems to fall a bit short of their previous achievements.

The boys – no, wait… men from Ireland sound like they are trying too hard to keep up with their younger counterparts, with none of the songs on their 12th album sounding typically ‘U2ish’. It’s an amalgamation of Muse, The Script and Maroon 5 thrown together with Bono’s rasping, tired-old-man-with-laryngitis voice.

After 12 albums it seems fair for their die-hard fans to accept it with open arms.  It has reached number one in 30 countries since its release in March, after all.  But for people who aren’t part of the following, this album will pass by as quite unremarkable. That’s not to say that they haven’t released some incredible music that will most definitely have teenagers in years to come thrashing about to “Elevation” or waltzing around to “City of Blinding Lights”.

To all dedicated U2 fans, please do not be offended by this less-than-complimentary review. By all means, try the CD for yourself. You might just like it.


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