Open Column

By Luzuko Buku

The past week has been filled with action, enthusiasm and vibrancy of young people joining societies and sports clubs that they think might represent, satisfy and advance their interests.  It came as a great shock to me when we (as the Young Communist League) tried to recruit someone for our organisation. The young lady said she was scared of communists – oh!

From this kind of response, it becomes clear that capitalism is a system based on deception and wise lies that lure even the highly educated people. For me, that lady is indeed highly educated, but as Lenin said in a capitalist society, the only education that you will ever get is that which deceives people into ignoring other ideals that are contra to it.

Our education system is mainly centred on capitalism and this means you only get to learn about Marxism when it is criticised or provided as a criticism to the dominant mode of production and distribution. In almost every sociological textbook in this University, Marxist-Leninist ideals are only referred to when the dominant mode is being criticised.

I tell you, if you could ask someone doing economics about Marx or Lenin, they would never know them even though Marx and Lenin wrote a lot on economics.  Even if you go to the economics sections in the library you will find Marx, Engels and Lenin’s works in this section, but still the only people you will get to learn about are Adam Smith and David Ricardo who were liberal economists. For me, having a degree in economics means having a degree in liberal economics as it ignores other schools of thought.

A degree in economics would require knowledge of economics which will span across the ideological spectrum. This mean people will have to know what Marxism, neo-liberalism and other schools of thought argue on economics and this should not be inclined to one school of thought and the others presented as its critiques. That’s why we are proposing for the inclusion of Marxism in the curriculum of an economics degree. By this we will be able to end fears that people may have against systems that are contra to capitalism.


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