Sex binds us and we all look funny naked

By Activate’s sexpert, Paige Knight

With the political buzz in the air and many people divided as to who to vote for, I thought we could all reconnect over the subject of sex and nudity. To paraphrase Fred Khumalo, a columnist at the Sunday Times, the one subject that cuts across all cultures is the all powerful, the racism-defying and unifying force of sex.

Sex binds us as we are all a product of it. So if you are shy, curious, or just want a laugh, read on. Talking about sex should be open, honest and gentle. I wish this column to be a safe haven where sexual issues can be discussed in a funny but educational manner.Sex, as natural as it is, is tricky to perform and it would follow then that it is tricky to write about – a demonstration would probably be better. I’ll start this week’s column with the topic of nudity.

I recently went on camp up to Hobbiton in Hogsback. When I arrived at boot camp, we were split into groups and given a mission: to go out into the forests and find three different waterfalls in under three hours. Within these three hours, I had lost a piece of clothing at each fall, until I was completely naked at the top of the Kettlespout falls.

Now, many girls I know are afraid of nudity. Why, because we look funny? Some of us have large breasts, some of us ate Mama Pam’s as a precursor to naps on the walk up the hill. Some of us have not shaved and some of us are just plain shy.

But you know what, I never realised, in the flat panic I get myself into when I’m naked, just how funny guys look. What is truly funny is that while we think we’re being judged, they have more to worry about.

There are several stereotypes men feel they have to fit into too. The sixpack they want is in fact a beer boep, and their “toned arms” from “all that gyming” are usually just as flabby as ours. We women at least don’t have to worry about whether or not to present ourselves as “to attention” or “microsoft”. In essence, when you’re naked in front of anyone, the other person is feeling just as vulnerable to scrutiny as you are.

On top of that mountain I felt liberated. Not only because I’m the most unfit person in the universe who had reached the summit, but also because there I was, naked, uninhibited by clothes and without the fear of scrutiny. To enjoy sex, you need to be comfortable and to be comfortable, you need to be naked and to be naked, you need to have confidence within yourself to be like me on top of that mountain.

I came to the realisation that I looked more unappealing with my sweat stained shirt clinging to my every lump and bump than I did when I was naked, with the cool wind rushing past my body, dipping myself into the cool waters of the pool. My friends joined me and we all stood there naked, not judging, but sharing that bond of being together. In the end we all look funny naked and those who have time to laugh won’t ever get laid.


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