Spot of the week: Green Spirit

By Lauren Granger

Nestled under the Red Café in High Street lies the eco-warrior’s dream shop: Green Spirit. The shop, formerly known as Kisma Kreative, specialises in a variety of health foods and original ‘upcycled’ gifts and art. Grahamstown local, Jane Sweetman took over the business from previous owner, Tracy Redmond at the beginning of the year. Her mission is to benefit both the environment and the local community. “I want to create awareness as well as provide a source of income for struggling, underprivileged people,” Sweetman said.

Sweetman explained that upcycling is the process of “making something impressive out of ‘junk’. It has that ‘wow’ factor”. Eco-friendly ‘upcycling’ reduces the amount of unwanted waste cluttering landfills and polluting the earth. “The shop’s ‘upcycled’ stock ranges from wallets fashioned from chip packets and bags made out of records, to computer keyboard key earrings and wall clocks constructed from magazine covers. Sweetman’s plans for future stock include chemical-free household products and biodegradable cutlery, as well as the art and pottery produced by a Rhodes Fine Arts student and local street children respectively.

Their wide range of exclusive once-off creative pieces makes Green Spirit the perfect place to purchase an affordable gift for yourself or a friend and help save the planet at the same time.


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