Eastern Cape curry – Durban style

By Samkelisiwe Dlalisa

No longer does Grahamstown cuisine lack the spice and heat of a great Durban curry.

Real Curry, the hottest new addition to Grahamstown, has recently opened shop on High Street. Although the shop has only been open for four weeks, stock has been selling like hot stuff!

The prices are set to suit anyone’s budget and the menu ranges from the ever so popular lamb curry to vegetarian meals such as the beans curry and rice and roti rolls.

The authentic curry meals are prepared for take-away orders, cooked while you wait to ensure that they are always fresh and tasty.

Deez Naidoo, owner of Real Curry, comes from Durban and is pleasantly surprised at the response he is receiving. “I thought it would be a little operation,” said Naidoo, who loves cooking. “It relaxes me and I’ve always been like that,” he said.

So whether you’re a Durbanite missing the authentic taste of real curry or just looking to try something tasty and different, Real Curry is a definite must.


2 Responses to Eastern Cape curry – Durban style

  1. George says:

    Interesting, though i live in durban and i dont eat anything spicey, id love to come check this place out,thanks for the info samke

  2. boef says:

    What a crap article

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