The Brutal Art

By Jesse Kellerman & Lauren Timner

Pics Supplied

The Brutal Art is the antithesis of your typical superficial crime mystery novel. It’s packed with deceit, engaging characters and so many skeletons crawling out the closet you won’t have enough fingers to count them on.

The plot winds between modern day and a hundred-year-old past with an ease that will keep you reading voraciously, immersed in the plot and the lives of the characters until the last sentence.

Based in modern-day New York, The Brutal Art takes you on a journey through the experience of Ethan Muller – a prominent art dealer in the city who has a billionaire father he’d rather forget, a surname that gets him whatever he wants and a sordid family history.

He discovers a collection of brilliant but disturbing drawings by a man called Victor Cracke, who has vanished without a trace. Muller can’t wait to show Cracke’s drawings to the world, put his gallery on the art scene and make a name for himself, apart from the legacy of his father. But it is only when a retired policeman contacts him that he truly realises the value of the drawings; a matter of solving a forty-year-old murder case. It suddenly becomes vital to find Victor Cracke, but there’s a slight problem – no one really knows who he is.Muller is forced to come to terms with family secrets, delve into the past and defend the artist he admires, whilst fearing for his own safety. A truly gripping novel, The Brutal Art will keep you enthralled and possibly be destructive to your work habits.


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  1. […] our son, Jesse, whose third novel, THE GENIUS, was published in England under his original title, THE BRUTAL ART, and achieved five weeks on the London Times Bestseller list.  The kid’s brilliant.  […]

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