From underdog to megastar

By Zama Khumalo

When 47-year-old frumpy small- town spinster, Susan Boyle, stepped on to the stage of the TV show Britain’s Got Talent no one would have guessed that in just a week she would be the centre of international media frenzy. Boyle’s against-the-odds story has enthralled people worldwide with her video getting over 40 million hits on YouTube.

When Boyle – who announced that she had “never been kissed” – stood on the stage, both the judges and the audience were unimpressed with her appearance, but when she started to sing she blew the audience and the judges away with her incredible voice. She even received a few rave reviews from notoriously nasty judge Simon Cowell.

Boyle suffered oxygen deprivation during birth, resulting in learning disabilities. Boyle decided to audition after devoting her time to care for her mother, who died in 2007. Boyle told the London Times Online, “For now I’m happy the way I am: short and plump. I would not go in for Botox or anything like that. I’m content with the way I look.” Besides, what’s wrong with looking like Susan Boyle?

The 2009 season of Britain’s Got Talent has only just begun, but it already looks like Susan Boyle is the clear front-running winner. Boyle is due to appear in the semi-finals of the show in the week of 25 May. The final will be held on 30 May.


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