Is South African soccer too black?

By Darren Anderson

South African sport can be categorised into the Big Three: cricket, rugby and soccer. In cricket and rugby, there has been a large increase in black players. Many argue that this is because of the introduction of the quota system, which ensures previously disadvantaged black players the same opportunities as white players. The quota system has had a fair share of success in introducing diversity to many sports within the country.
When taking the same view in soccer, a large difference can be seen. Far more black people take part in the sport in comparison to white people. If a quota system was enforced in soccer in order to give the advantage to white people, then maybe the number of white participants would increase. On asking white students why they do not play soccer, Sterling Miller, who plays for Rhodes Rugby first reserves, said, “I’ll stick to my rugby.”

However, Paul Sheppard, the only white starting player in the Rhodes Soccer first side, said, “I think white people should make more of an attempt to participate in the game.” As black players have added an extra bit of flair to cricket and rugby, perhaps the introduction of more white players in soccer could have the same effect.

Make your Point:Is South African soccer too dominated by black players?Email with your opinion.


2 Responses to Is South African soccer too black?

  1. Here, have a look at how black SA soccer is:

    SAFA National Executive Com –

  2. I see that the SAFA NEC have ‘inserted’ two white faces (the CEO took up the position because a black lady turned the job down).

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