The Lounge Around

By Geraldine McMeekin

The usual walk to the Rat, stumble to EQ and crawl to Friar’s has been interrupted by a new kid on the block – Lounge Around. A buzz has surrounded this new hotspot on New Street, a relaxed jazz lounge for those fond of really good cocktails and even better music.

Lounge Around opened with a bang in the last week of April. The sleek modern style of Lounge Around follows a red and black colour palette, which highlights its sophistication. The interior conjures images of fashionable Sex and the City types draping themselves over the tall chairs and casually ordering up cocktails. Manager, Sven Tozer, describes it as his “home away from home”, indicating his dedication to creating a relaxed and refined party experience.

Tozer describes it as a “mixed place for people to come and chill out” – so no more confining different social groups to different clubs or bars. Lounge Around aims to unify students in a relaxed atmosphere.The best rated cocktails are the ‘Frozen Strawberry’ and the ‘Lounge Around Iced Tea’, both mouth-wateringly delicious. Hailing from Durban, Tozer and owner, Unathi Maqalekane, use their hometown inspiration to give Lounge Around a friendlier, more comfortable feel than most other hotspots in Grahamstown.

Tozer’s description of Lounge Around in one phrase? “Chilled, hey.” With Ladies’ Nights every Thursday and live jazz set for every Sunday, Lounge Around is set to liven the end of the week or weekend, providing a sense of sophisticated fun to the Grahamstown night scene.


One Response to The Lounge Around

  1. zoe says:

    Hi guys,

    thanks for such fab idea, i’m originally from Cape town and have been longing for a place like yours in Gtown…keep up the good work and hold up the style..

    P.S. suggestion…how about having a KAREOKE NIGHT …?

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