Akon to record official 2010 anthem

By Zama Khumalo

Rapper and R&B artist Akon has been appointed by FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) to record the official anthem for next year’s Soccer World Cup in South Africa. Akon is also due to appear at the opening ceremony.

“I’ve been hired as musical director for the World Cup. I will be overseeing the World Cup anthem and music at the ceremonies and I’m off to South Africa this week for meetings,” said Akon.

Akon says he loves soccer and that he feels that this opportunity is a great honour. He said that, “Chelsea is my team in the UK, but I’ll support South Africa in the Cup.” Akon was born in Senegal, the son of famed Senegalese percussionist, Mor Thiam, and moved to the US at the age of 15.

Despite being friends with David Beckham, Akon says he is not planning to invite soccer players to sing in the national anthem, as was done in the past. “I know David, he’s my man,” he explained. “But I’m not asking for his advice. Footballers should stick to football.”


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