Fasting for Zimbabwe

By Wazi Kunene

For the past six weeks, English lecturer, Professor Dan Wylie, and a group of his colleagues have committed to a day of fasting in solidarity with the two million starving in Zimbabwe.

This campaign is not designed to bring a cure for Zimbabwe, but with the idea in mind to sacrifice a day’s meals every week. By doing this, Wylie hopes to create awareness about the current situation in Zimbabwe.

Wylie, who is originally from Zimbabwe, believes the situation in Zimbabwe affects us all.

“Freedom must be jealously fought for,” stated Wylie, “Zimbabweans have been deprived of their freedom since the 1980s because of their Government’s abuse of power, for this people are starved to death.”

“This campaign is like writing a good poem; it changes nothing but acts as a vehicle around the issue,” said Wylie.

Part of Wylie’s awareness campaign about the problem in Zimbabwe was to host a short story competition. Students were invited to write a story which was centred on starvation. The competition received a good response and the winners were announced in the previous edition of Activate.

For more information about fasting for Zimbabwe visit or check out their group on Facebook.


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