Internal League basketball dribbles to success

By Lauren vd Vyver

Pic by: Sean William Messham

High-flying players and out-of-range three-pointers were features at the internal-league basketball. Alec Mullins was host to the first round of internal basketball games on Friday, 15 May, 2009.

Rhodes Basketball is using two pools for the men’s teams on campus, assigning opponents based on a grueling round-robin system. The top two teams in each pool will then battle into the play-offs until there are two teams clashing on centre court for the Internal League title. Teams can consist of any number of players, but only three players are allowed to play the game at once. This popular three-on-three battle pushes players on court to risk everything. Sprinting, half-court jump shots and tricky dribbling are elements that teams use to overcome their opponents in the allotted time.

Only one female team registered this year, giving them an opportunity to impress the speedy Rhodes ladies’ team, the Musketeers. Despite the disappointing female team turnout, as well as losing 15-1 to the Musketeers, the women’s amazed supporters and male teams alike with a friendly against some ladies first team players. Thendi Mabulu, a supporter of the evening, described how she was “‘wowed’ by the amount of talent and skill these players have.”

Tarcille Mballa, a prominent women’s first team player and organiser of the Internal League set-up, is heartened by the massive support and excitement surrounding the introduction of an Internal League on campus. “The club has grown in popularity this year and compared to the last two years, has received a lot of support at all its key events this term – something we are very grateful for.” AND3, Chikwata and White USA won the last round of the first internal league clash. “We are hoping to stay on this positive path and keep sharing the basketball culture with the Rhodes and the Grahamstown community,” Mballa continued.

The Internal League takes place every Friday from 18h00 at Alec Mullins. Unfortunately, registration has ended for this year’s competition, but support and a crowd of cheering voices is always welcome.


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