Journos live on air

By Kate Bishop

Look out for the Journalism and Media Studies second year (JMS 2) radio show this swot week, where two shows will be aired every day, midmorning on RMR 89.7 FM. The shows will range from a wide variety of topics, some of the titles being “Skins Unpeeled”, “Wedlocked”, “Breaking the bank”, to “Daddy’s rich kids”, “Classy colours” and “Extra size me” and several others.

The radio shows will consist of interviews with Rhodes students, which means that what will be aired will be the voices of your fellow students. Each show will have a variety guests, including experts commenting on what is being said and perhaps being able to analyse and explain some issues on and around campus. Some of the issues that will be mentioned concern what it is like being Afrikaans at Rhodes, the body-building mania, homophobia, and the class issues within race.

The JMS 2 class are hoping to break stereotypes such as all white people are rich, who you are is not always what you’re studying and to give the accuser a voice. Some of the shows are quite controversial with regard to some of the opinions of students; for example, someone was worried about what her white friends back home may think when she tells them that she shares a res with Indian and black people. So, if you want more, tune into RMR during swot week!


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