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Do you think South African soccer is dominated by black players?

I think this is very true. One major reason I suggest this is due to the absence of soccer at both the formerly white government schools as well as private schools. So white boys (and girls) are not exposed to the sport and certainly not given an opportunity to play the game seriously, that is, in a competitive manner. This obviously translates into a lack of players from the white community at the higher levels of the game. Another reason is the strong resistance on the part of school authorities to making the sport available because of the perceived threat that rugby will be displaced by soccer.

Tony Fluxman (BA Political & International Studies)

South African soccer is indeed dominated by blacks. I blame the schools and the soccer federation. Rich high schools do not have soccer; it is instead played mostly by township schools.

Tshegofatso Masoba (First year BA)

Soccer in South Africa is not too black. Blacks are dominant because the continent we living in is dominated by brown-skinned people.

Nomashawekazi Damasane (First year BA)


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