Mansfield battling leukemia

By Graham Ziervogel

Jeremy Mansfield, a popular South African radio personality and ex-Rhodent, has contracted Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL). Fortunately, the disease is not life-threatening and Mansfield will continue with his on-air commitments.

Mansfield has stated that he is adopting an aggressive approach towards handling the disease, and has already made several necessary changes to his lifestyle. Most notably, he has had to stop drinking and smoking, something which Mansfield finds particularly difficult, given his love for beer.

Mansfield was born in Grahamstown and began his broadcasting career at Rhodes University where he studied speech, drama and journalism. He is currently the host of the morning show The Rude Awakening on 94.7 Highveld stereo. Here he has achieved immense success and has acquired numerous awards with his popularity even leading to him being voted onto SABC 3?s television show The 100 Greatest South Africans.

Mansfield has started a course of chemotherapy that will last 6 months. Despite this, he remains optimistic in saying “I have always been a positive person and that is the way I am approaching this particular hurdle in my life.”

It is hoped that the popular South African icon will recover fully from the disease.


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