Marks Park FITA Championships

By Ettione Ferreira

The Marks Park FITA Championships, in Marks Park Johannesburg, were held on the weekend of 16 May this year. Two archers from Rhodes University, Lance Ho and Rozan Gillbert, took part in the event.”
The competition was tough, with archers from all around the country, as well as some of the world’s top world archers, competing in the event. There were a lot of archers competing in the event with some of their personal bests shot at the FITA.
Lance Ho, shooting for Recurve Men, came in 9th position with a 1040, shooting against South African Olympic archer, Calvin Hartley, three top Scottish archers and other top South African archers.

In the women’s compound round, Rozan Gillbert represented Rhodes, shooting a 1285 coming in at 10th position. She also competed against top Scottish archers, and nobody in the women’s round shot under 1200, which is a very high average for the women’s compound division as a whole. “I didn’t do as well as I had hoped, but shot a best with 114 in the elimination round”, said Rozan Gillbert. Gillbert expressed that the overall event was exciting because she shot a 58, then 56, and was top of the women’s elimination score for the day. “Scottish archers were great to shoot with, way more advanced in terms of team support and seemed far better travelled, looking forward to seeing them again,” said Gillbert.
The weekend went well, with only a slight wind bothering the archers on the one day.

The Rhodes Archery Club is very proud of the two archers that competed and we congratulate them.


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