Pirates steals Grahamstown’s booty

By Yashen Moodley

Pic by: Jonathan Terry

Okay, picture this: pre- drinks, then a night out on the town until about two in the morning, followed by a quick sneaky snack before you hit the sack. Now, picture this all at one venue! Pirates Pizza has finally received its liquor license. From a small kitchen with one bench, to a brand new sit-down restaurant and bar on 49 African Street, Pirates’ House of Pizza is the new place to get your drink on.

With its official launch last week, Pirates invited a few special guests to celebrate the expansion of this extraordinary student venture. The night was celebrated with crazy drinks specials, the ‘Fun Police’ dominating the bar top with bottles of champagne, and girls and guys alike showing off their latest Lady Gaga dance moves on the stripper pole. The night turned out to be one of those you actually remember, with each digs invited dressing up according to various themes, such as Playboy bunnies, Superheroes and IPL players – making the event a glorified digs formal. The star of the night and co-founder of Pirates, Geoff Waugh, pimped out in his pin stripe suit and loud hailer, made sure that each one of his guests had a smashing time.

So what can we expect from the new Pirates? How about, like, a lot! With more draught beer varieties than anyone in town and some new and old pizza combinations, Pirates is definitely one for the student and Grahamstown local crowd. The drinks menus has everything from beers and ciders to a few new specials such as, 1 litre Jam Jar cocktails (evolution of the cane train) and alcoholic slush puppies, if you are in the mood to get off your face. Or, if you feel like a rock star, you can buy a whole bottle of champagne and pretend that you are in a Flo Rida music video for a night. Fully furnished with 100 seats, a bar designed to do your Coyote Ugly thing on, as well as two Plasma TVs to watch the latest game. Pirates’ new place with rock the socks off you.

“At the end of the day, Pirates is a student-driven, student-orientated brand and I always want to see Pirates as a premier student brand. I want to create a safe-house for students off campus,” said Waugh.

What to look forward to at Pirates this year: themed parties, awesome drinks specials, good pizza at student-friendly prices and guest appearances by the sexy ‘Fun Police’ teams.


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  1. […] Friday night though, it is (debatably) the best, cheapest and most convenient place to party. When Pirates Pizza was still open for business, it was unquestionable. Now, albeit a little bit tamer, you can enjoy […]

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