Rhodes’ Club of the Year for 2008 celebrates centenary

By Tshilidzi Mutavhatsindi

Pic by: Desiree Schirlinger

The Rhodes Athletics Club is one of the most successful clubs at Rhodes University. Last year, they won the Club of the Year award at the Rhodes annual sports awards ceremony, which took place at the Monument.

The club will be officially celebrating their centenary during Founders’ weekend, which begins on 28 August. This year, the club has participated in a number of events, including the well-known Two Oceans Marathon, Cabbage Patch Race and, most recently, the Sunridge Race.

“The turn-out this year so far has been not as good as usual,” said Rhodes athlete, Daniel Hewson, who walked away with a bronze medal at the Two Oceans Marathon in Cape Town, with a commendable time of 01:38:02. “There was, however, a good turnout of Rhodents at Two Oceans this year, including some supporters,” said Sean Swanepoel, Treasurer for the club.

Rhodes achieved a new record at the Two Oceans this year with Warrick Smith’s impressive time of 01:18:05, winning a silver medal. James Dillon followed with a time of 01:28:43, also collecting a silver medal on the day. Jeffries Sylvester and Sahd Curtis also won bronze medals in the competitive race. The club has been doing amazingly well in celebration of their centenary and have already had a successful run of Inter-res events, including the block, track and field and cross-country events, with triathlon still to come on the fourth term.

On 16 May, three Rhodes runners, Daniel Hewson, Michael Dives and Nephtal Mutavhatsindi, travelled to Port Elizabeth for the Sunridge 10km race. Nephtal won a silver medal with time of 00:39.52, followed by Hewson with a time 00:40.34. “We are hoping that more runners will commit and run in all the upcoming races and keep last year’s standard and go above beyond what we have achieved so far,” said Hewson.


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