Spot of the Week: Rat & Parrot

By Lauren Timmer

A spot of the week on the Rat and Parrot? That’s right people, there are a few things about Rhodes students’ favourite haunt that you might not know.

The Rat is widening its appeal with specials on basically every night. Tuesdays will test how well you hold your drink with 1.7L draught towers selling for R35, Thursdays is ‘Something for the Ladies’ night with 20% off all meals and Archers Aqua going for R10 from 5pm onwards. And if that wasn?t enough, Fridays offer cocktails between 5 and 10pm, and Happy Hour runs from 8-9pm.

And if, after all that booze, you have the stomach for some food, head down to the Rat on Sunday nights when there is R10 off any large pizza.

With more and more different specials popping up each week, it’s hard to keep up with the Rat. So run down now and take advantage of whatever happens to be on!


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