Spurting water and energy

By Gwen Matthews

You may have spotted some students doing some pretty drastic things on Saturday, 16 May, around campus. Pinching strangers’ bums, jamming with street musicians and flying an umbrella were all part of the second ‘Galela Get Spotted’ event, giving its participants two hours to capture a number of tasks on camera.

Running for its second year, the Rhodes campus community project Galela Amanzi was out to raise funds in order to put up water tanks at Andrew Moyake Secondary School. Andrew Moyake Secondary was one of the first schools that the Galela Amanzi committee went to before starting the project.

They discovered that the school’s taps had been vandalized for their copper, leaving broken pipes coming out of the ground as the only water source. This meant that the mains had to be turned on whenever water was needed. When collecting one bucket of water, about eight buckets are wasted. Project Manager of Galela Amanzi, Nikki Rushmere, described her experience as a “rude awakening and complete shock. I had no idea the situation was that bad, and how many facets of life such a problem effects”. Part of the viability in erecting the water tank at the secondary school is its high density surrounding: serving the Themba Tuberculosis Clinic and a crèche.

“The games were fun, especially knowing you are doing it for charity”, expressed Kirsten Koma, a first year participant in the event. “People really need to get involved as everyone of us can make a difference”, she added.

Keep looking out for Galela Amanzi’s upcoming events, which include a dodge ball tournament and a live band party hosted by Happy Fish early next term.


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