The Dangers of swot week

By Jennifer Moyes

It’s that time of the year again… The time of year when lectures and tutorials cease to exist and you can sleep in until whatever time you want. No, I don’t mean the holidays: I mean swot week. For those first years don’t know about this interesting time of year, here’s a list of the dangerous practices you will find yourself engaging in. For those who do, it’s just a reminder!

One of the greatest problems with swot week is a whole bunch of time and nothing to do in it. The two biggest dangers include too much sleep and a fondness for lazing around watching movies all day. Every morning is spent cocking one eye open and then deciding to tell you alarm to shut its bleeping self up. Then, when you do in fact wake up, you decide that socialising would be a more viable option than actual learning.

Another dangerous liaison is that with food. There are the exam treats, the slices of heavily buttered and syrup laden toast and the random BP runs at 23h00. Which brings us to the next fatality: procrastination. During this time of the year, you decide that the feng shui in you room is totally wrong. So you re-arrange it, clean it, organise it – anything to prevent any real studying. But procrastination doesn’t end there. You can spend an entire afternoon “Googling” the words to your favourite song – because you decided that now was the time to find out what they were actually saying. It’s a hard knock life.

So if you think you are prone to falling into these traps, you might want to consider one sure-fire way to getting through swot week. My advice would be studying. I might just go do that myself, but I really think that my desk would look better on the other side of my room.


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