Twitter and Gaydar

By Marina Maema

In the past two years social networks such as MySpace and Facebook have become extremely popular. MySpace has 253,145,404 registered users and Facebook has over 200 million registered viewers as well. They are ranked ninth and fourth respectively in terms if the website popularity in the world.

However there are two new social networks that are taking the world by storm. The first is Twitter. This is extremely popular in America and celebrities such as SouljaBoyTellem, Diddy and Fall Out Boy to mention a few are registered users. Unlike Facebook, you don’t have friends but you have “follower” and the aim is to let people know what you’re doing all the time and chat to your followers. It is straight forward and not too complicated.

Gaydar is a social network aimed at homosexual men. It is similar to Facebook, but with more features. When logging in to Gaydar you have the option to just chat, looking for a hook up for now or later or simply just checking your messages. There is also gaydargirls for homosexual women. Twitter and Gaydar are social networks you need to keep an eye out for! You can find them at the following websites: Gaydar: Twitter:


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