Zebra and Giraffe top of the food chain

By Jane Rosen & Kirsty Hoggons

Pic by: Marcus Maschwitz

With influences like Marilyn Manson, Bloc Party and Muse, it is no wonder that Greg Carlin, the lead singer and only member of Zebra and Giraffe, would describe his sound as “Dark Pop”. Despite the fact that we are yet to understand the origins of this bizarre band’s name, this man is taking South African music to a whole other level.

Carlin makes his own music and his biggest challenge so far was finding a band to play with him live. “Making music by yourself is at times a little lonely, but for the most part I really enjoy it. I am more relaxed when I’m on my own and I feel like I can be a little more creative,” says Carlin.

The band’s debut album, Collected Memories, as the title suggests, is “pretty much about all the memories I’ve collected over the years. It’s somewhat of a memoir of the last ten years or so,” says Carlin. Carlin prefers to write songs about “personal experience and feelings” and this album captures exactly that – memories he had from his first home.

Zebra and Giraffe played alongside legendary bands such as Snow Patrol, Oasis and Panic! At the Disco at this year’s Coca-Cola Zero Festival. “It was amazing and a great learning experience,” says Carlin.

Zebra and Giraffe walked away with the award for Best Rock Album (English) for Collected Memories, at the South African Music Awards this year,

Carlin says that he is scared and a bit hestitant when it comes to collaborating, but if he could collaborate with someone he would choose Chris Isaak. He also says that if he ever had the chance, he would have opened for Queen at Wembley. He also admits that performing at Woodstock “would have been cool.”

The band have a small Eastern Cape tour at the end of June and maybe local Grahamstown fans will be able to get a taste of this great band who call themselves Zebra and Giraffe.


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