Letter to the Editor

By Chelsie Ouellette

Nelson Mandela once said, “Ask yourselves what you can do as global citizens in the fight against HIV and AIDS.” A team of students in Grahamstown, South Africa, have answered Mandela’s call to action. In just three short weeks, students studying with the Global PACT program at Rhodes University have created a radio show, airing on Radio Grahamstown, that will focus on social change. Masincedane Radio seeks to address the stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS by providing a safe environment for community members to come together and support each other.
Every person has the fundamental right to be supported by the community as they seek knowledge, testing, counselling, and/or treatment for HIV/AIDS. Masincedane Radio, hosted by Ntosh Mgcuwe of Grahamstown, is a half-hour weekly program with the purpose to promote community conversation surrounding HIV/AIDS. Each week, local health experts are invited on the show to discuss the issue and answer call-in questions. The show will aim to measurably reduce the social stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS through a community dialogue.

Masincedane Radio was created by a team of five students who went out into the community to research the stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS. The students worked as part of Global PACT; an organization that teaches program participants the knowledge, skills, and disposition necessary for making change.

Tune in Mondays from 10:30–11:00 AM on Radio Grahamstown, 102.1 FM. Contact masincedaneradio@gmail.com for more information about the radio program or email us with a question you would like answered on air.


Chelsie Ouellette


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