Men’s Inter-res netball adventure

By Matthew Theijssen

Netball is a game perceived as an art, where women show their grace around a court, whilst at the same time maintaining a high level of ferocity and determination to win. This is the view of most ordinary individuals, yet to the students of Rhodes University, 25 May brought a refreshed meaning to the game. Men from all corners of campus arrived to show off their skill and talent as they traded in their rugby and soccer boots for a pair of court ‘takkies’ to go head-to-head in an all out battle for victory.

As in the past, teams were scheduled to play one-another in a knock out round-robin for the title of ‘best Netball Res on campus’. The outfits that presented themselves were extremely befitting of the occasion, with men of all shapes and sizes turning out to give aid to their respective houses. Tempers flared and the real brawn of men became very evident, right from the onset of the tournament. Teams were disappointed as the final whistle blew, sending their hopes and dreams to the next year, where they would once again have the opportunity to win. The games were scheduled to 3 and a half minutes, with a swop-over taking place at half-time. Hoops were scored at regular intervals and, although the results were not as emphatic as in the real game, the anticipation of victory ran rife through all the teams playing. In the end, the victory went to Botha House of Founder’s Hall, with 1, 2 finishes, showing that it is not only strength and power that wins trophies, but also a little femininity.


One Response to Men’s Inter-res netball adventure

  1. blessing says:

    thats my food whenever people talk about netball feel hapy and motivated,am a rhodian hope this year will be together if you may inform me your session time.

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