A good time, in and around G’town

By Samkelisiwe Dlalisa

After the hectic Intervarsity weekend, it seems people are looking forward to upcoming, calmer weekends. As promised I will be giving you the best ways to have a “lekker jol” in and around Grahamstown in many different ways without having to get drunk.

Port Alfred is one of the most sought after holiday destinations and a wonderful place to visit. It is most widely known for its temperate climate and lovely beaches. Port Alfred is also a perfect place for its romantic scenery. Long strolls down one of the many beaches watching the sun set over the town from the pier on the West Bank and having drinks in the nearest pub are a definite must for couples looking to spend quality time together. Swimming at the beaches is also a desirable option. There are also some fantastic surfing spots where one can enjoy great breaks. Kelly’s Beach not only has Blue Flag status, it is also a place where one can enjoy a day of fishing off the pier or hiring a small boat to sail into the ocean and catch some fish. There is much to do in Port Alfred such as playing golf at the famous Royal Port Alfred for the more cultured characters amidst us Rhodents. Water skiing up the Kowie River for the more adventurous types is also available.

Hogsback is suspended on the edge of the beautiful Amatola Mountains. This little town is surrounded by indigenous plants, and has been described as nature’s fairytale land in the Eastern Cape. In winter, this little fairytale town is often blanketed in snow and this is the perfect opportunity to snuggle up in front of a fire and for those of us who come from places where it never snows, it is a chance to witness the beauty of snow by taking a brisk walk in the crisp air. In the spring there is plenty to experience. Huge trees such as the ancient yellowwoods, shade thickets of ferns and fields of St. Joseph lilies, where waterfalls and streams tumble down the mountainside. Some activities include trout fishing, rock climbing, swimming, abseiling, mountain biking and horse riding. The local arts and craftsmen are talented and have a lot to offer.

The Eastern Cape has plenty to offer and if you look in all the right places it is possible to have lots of fun and enjoy a more holistic experience of being a Rhodent without having to consume the slightest bit of alcohol. Enjoy!


2 Responses to A good time, in and around G’town

  1. George says:

    Hey polony

    I am sooooooo proud of you, show them what you got:;)

  2. boef says:

    What a piece of sh*t..

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