SCAM hits 5FM

By Pierre Potgieter

After much anticipation and lots of excitement, Rhodes rapper SCAM (a.k.a. Matthew Callcott-Stevens) will hit 5FM with his hip-hop music, soon to be played on both Gareth Cliff and DJ Fresh’s shows.  Although he defines his style as hip-hop, there are strong elements of rap in it, with witty lyrics laid over the unique beats of DJ Abstrakt’s mixes.

But do not mistake him for Eminem at all, as he makes this clear with one of his tracks titled “Just Not Em”.  SCAM’s music is currently more popular in countries like the US and Britain, and he attributes this to how they have a “bigger market for all sorts of music”.  And that is exactly the category in which his music would fit: “all sorts”. With SCAM experimenting with several different styles, one of his main goals is to create unique music.  He is presently working with DJ Abstrakt, and “Noble”, while collaborations with several other artists like Puff Johnson of the US are also in the pipeline.

SCAM started using rap in 2004 as a cathartic tool after his father passed away to work through this tragedy.  He describes his early days as a rapper saying, “I went to a rap battle…and I was like the only white guy there.” However, SCAM’s music was a huge success.  Even though he is trying out different styles, he aims to inspire the younger generation and to connect people with his music.  For SCAM, it is not about the fame, but what excites him the most is making a life for himself in music.

SCAM’s album “Last Year” launches this October and promises to both entertain and offer a distinctive listening experience, with titles like “Breakthrough”, “Get That Punk”, “Proudly South African” and many more.


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