The effects of Facebook

August 29, 2009

By Wazi Kunene

Schools around the world are complaining about the social network phenomenon that is Facebook. This came after a meeting with a number of education departments.  The topic of the meeting was ‘Learners today are not competent enough to handle pressure in high learning’.

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Digging the digs life

June 17, 2009

By Gabi Falanga & Jonathan Jones

When it comes to moving into digs, Rhodes students need to be on their toes. Juggling estate agents, landlords, bitchy digs-mates, commission and shopping can be quite tricky, never mind those first time mishaps which always seem to creep up on you at some point. However, moving into digs can be one of the most fun and rewarding times of your life. There is no shortage of Rhodents who have interesting digs tales of some kind.

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Making cents of student budgeting

June 17, 2009

By David Shields

Pic by: Jessica Pike

Kirstin Kyle modelling a hat from Nearly New

University life is full of adventure. It’s a time to party, make friends, discover yourself and, above all, study for a degree. It’s the chapter where responsibility is minimal and finances are non-essential. As students, many of us live hassle-free. In residence, meals are provided and clean linen is supplied every week. In digs, students might not have it as easy, but many say that the sense of independence is worth far more than a ready-cooked meal. Nonetheless, every student is taken care of in some way. The problem with this is that students hardly take time out to access their financial status. With a bit of saving here and there, a world of possibilities awaits them.

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Not quite the last word

June 17, 2009

By Babongile Zulu

Every year brings new tidings and for our very own government, 2009 is no exception. For example, the sudden creation of a new ministry strikingly called ‘Ministry for Women, Children, Youth and People with Disabilities’. Oh, and what about ‘Co-operative Government and Traditional Affairs’. There are actually more than I can write about in this column, but please do Google it, you would be amazed at the changes befalling our country as we speak. Good changes? Bad changes? Well, I don’t know, let us assess the situation shall we?
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Grahamstown: going to the dumps

June 17, 2009

By Gabi Falanga

Grahamstown’s rubbish dump is filling up and new legislation states that no more permits for new landfill sites will be issued. In other words, when Grahamstown’s rubbish dump is full, it is full.

Last year, Rhodes University generated 279 tons of recyclable materials. This is the equivalent of 46 male elephants. This year, in January alone, a staggering 31 tons (5 male elephants) was collected. Mark Hazell, the Manager of Grounds and Gardens at Rhodes, said the amount of recyclables that Rhodes produces is increasing substantially. “We are not even collecting a third of the recycling. If we were, this figure would be more like 1200 tons a year,” he said. This is the equivalent of 1333 cars the size of a VW Citi Golf.
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The Dangers of swot week

June 17, 2009

By Jennifer Moyes

It’s that time of the year again… The time of year when lectures and tutorials cease to exist and you can sleep in until whatever time you want. No, I don’t mean the holidays: I mean swot week. For those first years don’t know about this interesting time of year, here’s a list of the dangerous practices you will find yourself engaging in. For those who do, it’s just a reminder!

One of the greatest problems with swot week is a whole bunch of time and nothing to do in it. The two biggest dangers include too much sleep and a fondness for lazing around watching movies all day. Every morning is spent cocking one eye open and then deciding to tell you alarm to shut its bleeping self up. Then, when you do in fact wake up, you decide that socialising would be a more viable option than actual learning.

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Off to a Dream start

May 19, 2009

By Darren Anderson

The Rhodes Rugby team, also known as the Dream Team, got off to a near perfect start on Saturday, 2 May, by defeating the UCT internal league team, Ikhaya, with a convincing 15-0 score. The score line may have come as a shock to many Rhodents as the general feeling in the Rhodes Great Field stands, prior to the game, was that the Dream Team was in for a thrashing. This feeling was short lived. Read the rest of this entry »