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37 Responses to Contact Activate

  1. Anon says:

    Hey. Nice website. Though why don’t you have a link to Die perdeby in TUKS. You seem to have everybody elses, why not theirs?

  2. ruactivate says:

    Hi Anon,
    The website has just recently been published and we are still updating the Links.

    It would also be nice to be linked back by Die Perdeby 😉

    Happy Reading!

  3. Stunning Website – easy to use and accessable for people in town who want to know what’s happening on Campus!!!

    Could someone from the Activate office please contact me regarding some advertising we would like to do?? I do not know whether you have heard of the new 3 Star Tourism-Graded Guesthouse, namely THE WHITE HOUSE – just above Park road????

    Anyway – we have been open for a year and offer discounts for Students, Parents of Students, kids under 10 and Pensioners!!! We just recently had a 21st on in town and EVERYONE booked in at our place!! Was awesome to have everyone together for sleeping, eating, drinking & general visiting!! Our complex is quite big with place for 25 guests to sleep, 6 different Lounge areas, etc….etc….

    PLEASE contact me a.s.a.p. as we do not want to miss the next ACTIVATE!! Kind Regards & Keep up the good work!!!

    Bertie Kingsley (Ms)
    Cell: 082 443 9575
    Telefax: 046 6223296

  4. Perdeby says:

    Hey Activate.

    Thanks for the link. We’ll return the favour post haste.

  5. Lauren Howell says:

    Where can I get hold of back issues of activate? I’m not sure which edition the story is in, it was the story you did on the student who is a former street child and went to Amasango Career School and is now enrolled in first year.

    Thanks so much.

  6. Luke Reid says:

    Can’t we put up email addresses and contact details for other Editors…?

    Its such a mission getting hold of people in a hurry, it would be great if we could get all that sort of stuff here….

  7. Bob says:

    Any story on the closure of the forums? I’ve heard someone has created their own forum somewhere – anyway a link can be found? As a digs student, the forums were the only way to stay connected with campus…

  8. Candace says:


    There is, in fact, a story on the forums coming up – so keep an eye open for that on Thursday!

  9. Candace says:


    There is, in fact, a story on the forums coming up – so keep an eye open for that!

  10. Tim says:


    For those looking for back copies of Activate, the best plan would be to go to the Cory library where they have archieves of all the editions. You can photocopy articles from back issues from there.

  11. shivambu caiphus says:

    Hi guys nice website i am a student at the University of Limpopo.i would love to update you about the goings-on up can i update you the latest news from up north here?..lastly can you also give me the details of mufamadi azwihagwisi,heis my former classmate and i would like to keep in contact with him…

  12. zinziswa mani says:

    hi guys i like your website and i was wondering how can i join the activate society

  13. Shivambu Caiphus says:

    Hi guys well done,for a new and improved website with uploaded images

  14. Luvuyo Mdluli AKA Vuyo says:

    Hi guys a very nice website congratulations I can see that you have excelled to be a publication that equals all the dailies and weeklies that feature in our country. A VERY WELL DONE you guys keep it up.

    This is from the one and only VUYO.

    I wish you all the best in the futre and maybe our paths will cross one day. Oh and if you need assistance in the coordination of Activate email me I now run a Production Company (Theatre Productions, Marketing, Events) with a few of my friends otherwise keep up the good work.

  15. Mike says:

    Unfortunately guys Activate is a student independent newspaper, the reporters are students, as the paper is aimed at Rhodes University. Otherwise keep on reading.

  16. Mawande says:

    i think you guys are missing one thing, which is i think every student who has registered with Activate should participate towards writing articles especially those doing journalism, most of us are members of Activate but we dont get even a fingertip chance to write…i think you should consider that for future purposes. About some of the columns i think each and every issue there must be a new individual (Activate Members) in columns so we can view other people’s comments…..You always told us to attend workshops but we also have other commitments so give us a chance, especially journalism students.

  17. ruactivate says:

    I absolutely agree that every society member whose been to at least three of the four workshops should get a chance to write. I don’t know which sections you personally have a problem with, but when you go to meetings, the onus is on each writer to bring up story ideas and volunteer for stories; you can’t just sit there and hope to be picked for something. I understand your frustration that some people couldn’t attend workshops due to other commitments, but if people were really interested in writing for Activate, they could have got notes from a friend and told their section heads that they had another commitment but were going to work through notes from the workshop at home. It all comes down to making an effort. Stories and opportunities to write aren’t just going to jump up into your face in the real world outside varsity; you have to do your best to find them and hold onto them. As for the columns, it would be great to hear other people’s comments, but columns require extremely skillful writing, and only a few people can manage to pull it off well.

    If anyone does feel that a particular section ed is not treating him/her fairly and refusing to let someone in his/her team write a story, please take it up with that section ed personally, but if that doesn’t work, feel free to complain to Xanthe at

  18. Bernadine Rogers says:

    Hi there, great website.

    Can I ask you a few questions? Can someone who is not at Rhodes still write for your paper, or do you have to be on the team to do so?


  19. ruactivate says:

    Hey Bernadine,
    The answer is: it depends on what you want to write about. If you can think of a relevant topic that links back to Rhodes students somehow, then ask us about it and we’ll tell you whether we’d be interested in an article about it. E-mail your story idea to the section editor you feel your story would most likely fall under, from the list of section eds above. We generally decide on writing from non-Rhodes students on a case-by-case basis. Be warned, though, that our next edition is only coming out in August, so we might take a while to get back to you.

  20. sboniso says:

    hi guyz i wanna be one of the students in the durban finest academy what can i do

  21. Asanda Maki says:

    Dear Editor

    I am a first year journalism student here at Rhodes University, i am currently studying BJourn. i would love to join the Activate newspaper team,i have read the newspaper quite a lot and its an interesting newspaper. i would really appretiate working for this team because it is the best student newspaper i have seen in this time i spent at Rhodes University. Looking forward for your response.

  22. Asanda Maki says:

    the above message

  23. Asanda Maki says:

    about joining activate

  24. Roger Fenton says:

    The Wikipedia article on Activate includes a plea for help in identifying past editors. I have a copy of Rhodeo, vol. 31, no. 5 (20 May 1977), which lists the editors as Gordon Cramb, Martin Feinstein, and Gavin Hayward. I don’t know how to contact the Wikipedia article author, but I assume it’s someone at Rhodes. Can someone pass this along?

  25. Hi folks,
    Murray here from The Cape Town Globalist magazine at UCT. We’re in the process of updating the blogroll on our site that will include student newspapers across South Africa. I got the impression at Captivate that the Activate website was due to be updated — if this is happening, when is it happening and what will your new URL be?

    In the meantime, could you include a link to our website? It’s

    Murray H
    The Cape Town Globalist

  26. zama khumalo says:

    hey activate

    im a first year student majoring in journalism and media studies and im interested in joining activate just too bserve especially and to experience the atmosphere of a media establishment.

  27. Mike says:

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  28. Chris Fisher says:

    Hello activate! Your Right 2009 was a grand success. there was an activate reporter at the gig – who’s name i cannot remember for the life of me. Please would you let me know. i would love to get hold of those pictures for the media package we are putting together. Thanks.
    – Happeefeesh productions -.

  29. hamed says:

    hi, i am raper, i want to go universal rac,can you help me?

  30. hamed says:

    hi,i’m raper.i want to go to universal mach DJ, can you help me?

  31. Ross says:

    Hi Activate,

    Probably not the best place to be posting this commment but couldn’t find a general enquiries email.

    I am a South African based in the UK and looking for article writers for web content. Rhodes has a good rep for those who wish to persue a career in journalism and was hoping to find freelance writers to write on a price/article basis.

    Any ideas on how I could get the message out to undergraduates and postgraduates looking to make some extra money?


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  34. here says:

    Re: The person who made the statement that this was a good website truly needs to possess their head examined.

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  36. Great blog here! Also your web site loads up fast!
    What web host are you using? Can I get your affiliate link to your host?
    I wish my website loaded up as fast as yours lol

  37. Luvuyo says:

    I want to know if there is anyone who can tell me of where can a 33 year old can study matric

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