Meet the Team 2008/2009

Editor-in-chief: Kate Douglas

Deputy Editor: Sean William Messham

Content Editor: Fleur Rollason

Managing Editor: Roza Carvalho

Financial Manager: Ching-Ting Lee


Marketing and Advertising Manager: Sian Cohen

Web Editor: Ilana Koegelenberg

Chief Sub-Editor: Laura Maggs

Chief Sub-Editor: Chanel Pallent

Chief Designer: Caeri Dunnell

Assistant Designer: Lisa Bluett

Pictures Editor: Desiree Schirlinger

Assistant Pictures Editor: Simone Armer

News Editors : Kelly Adams & Megan McCarthy

Features Editor: Leigh Raymond

Opinions Editor: Nyeleti Machovani

Arts and Entertainment Editor: Tamzyn Degoumois

Sports Editor: Tshilidzi Mutavhatsindi


16 Responses to Meet the Team 2008/2009

  1. ruactivate says:

    Added Nikki Ritchie to the list as the new/old Assistant Marketing and Advertising Manager. That’s as up-to-date as you get right now.

  2. Well done to all elected staff!! I hope that you all have an amazine year running one of the best student newspapers in the country!!

    See everyone at Captivate!


  3. dj gavin says:

    hey there wanting to know wen o week is planning a huge event for the first years reply asap

  4. Ian says:

    First-years arrive on Saturday 3 Feb, then O-Week begins on Monday 5 Feb and carries on to Sunday 11 Feb.

  5. Timmy says:

    Hey guys, I really like the comedy photos. Hope everything is going well for the o-week edition. Nice work on the website Ian. See you all in a week.

  6. ruactivate says:

    Actually, Tim, kudos must go to Candace for the photos. It’s a great idea to get more people to the website, even if it does make us look a little like!

  7. sipho says:

    hi there
    Im Sipho and I would to be of some help to you guys in any way. I have read your news paper and its awesome so much that I want to be part of the team.

  8. Matt says:

    WHy aren’t the pics from the paper available on the site?

  9. ruactivate says:

    Hey Matt, we just don’t have enough time and staff to upload all the pics at the moment, but there are plans to change that in the near future. Watch this space!

  10. rasmal says:

    Hey was there an activate published this week (15 March 2007) ? I couldn’t find it.

  11. Ian says:

    No, the paper only comes out every second Thursday. The next one will be out on Thursday 22 March. Hope you can wait!

  12. How can I access Activate, because these articles seem to be outdated

  13. deva says:

    Hey Lana – think we should update these 🙂

  14. ilanakoeg32 says:

    working on it, dont worry
    the website was just top priority for a while
    fixing these soon 😉

  15. toilet says:


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