All off their trolleys

By Cairen Harry

The SRC’s trolley races turned the Barratt parking lot into a scene of madness last Friday afternoon. Seven teams entered the race, which was held as part of Alcohol Awareness Week.

Trolley Races  Trolley Races  Trolley Races

“We really just want to adopt some new measures in order to keep in line with Dean of Student’s new Alcohol Misuse Policy,” said SRC media representative Ricardo Pillay. “This is non-alcoholic fun for any students who might be interested.”

It definitely was a day of fun with seven mixed teams of four and many spectators taking part. “We were definitely pleased with the turnout. Hopefully next time even more people will get involved,” said SRC events co-ordinator Kambani Ramano.

Team Gay, the A-Team, Transformers, OutRhodes, Crash Test Dummies, the Glyptadons and Team Twin Intuition were the teams taking part. Many participants dressed up and the Crash Test Dummies really joined in the festivities, decorating their trolley with balloons and ribbons.

The trolley-racers had to race around the Barratt parking lot, weaving through the islands with one member inside the trolley and the other three pushing and directing the trolleys, which were donated by Pick ‘n’ Pay for the occasion.

“It’s so scary,” said A-Team member Bukiwe Kabi. “But it’s a lot of fun! I would definitely do it again!” Team Gay member John Gaisford, who was one of the ‘female’ members of his team, said that the races were a great way to spend a Friday afternoon. “It’s better than lazing around and lying in bed,” he said.

The Glyptadons were the winners, beating the Crash Test Dummies in an exciting final, and walked away with a prize. With no major injuries and a whole lot of clean fun, the day was considered a success.


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